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Safety Policy


Smile-Connect is fully committed to providing its members with a safe and secure service. However it is important that our users take sensible steps to protect their own safety when communicating with other members of our website or meeting them face-to-face.

Please see our tips for staying safe below, for further advice.




  • Make sure you keep your password safe to prevent unauthorised access to your account. If you believe someone else may have access to your password, you must change it immediately.


  • Don't give out information such as your personal email address, telephone number or home address.


  • When contacting other Smile Connect users, be friendly but sensible and don't reveal too much information about yourself. 


  • Always arrange to meet in a safe, public place when meeting another Smile Connect user and if possible, tell someone you know well where and when you are arranging to meet up.

Smile-Connect want you to enjoy a safe social life.



Scammers are people that join websites with the intention of defrauding others for financial gain. We regularly monitor activity on the site but are aware that some members may not be who they say they are and may be a scammer, using a fake identity.

Anyone who appears overly friendly and asks you to divulge personal information such as bank details or requests money, should be alerted to Smile-Connect. 

Anyone who requests that you communicate either by personal email or telephone instead of Smile-Connect before meeting for the first time, should be alerted to us.

Anyone who is abusive or threatening should be reported to Smile-Connect and we will take steps to remove them from the site.

We do not want to frighten you but it is important that you remain aware of potential scammers and people who may not be who they claim to be.



Smile Connect will not tolerate harassment of its members by other users.

If you feel you are being harassed in any form by another member of the website, you can inform Smile Connect Administrators, who will deal with the issue as a matter of urgency. 

Using the Megaphone icon on each page of the website, you can alert us if you feel you are being harassed by another Smile Connect user or are uncomfortable with their behaviour towards you. 

Please be aware that whilst messages between users are not public, they can be read by Smile Connect Administrators. 

Smile-Connect want you to enjoy a safe social life.