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Smile Connect is a social networking and friendship website aimed at everyone aged 50 and above in Sussex, UK.

Smile Connect helps its members make connections with like-minded people who share the same hobbies. Those who are newly retired, newly single, bereaved, new to their area or those who just want to increase their social circle and meet new people to enjoy pastimes with, can benefit from Smile Connect's service.

Smile Connect is an active, community of people who enjoy practising hobbies together; helping to form long-lasting, online and face to face friendships. Enjoying pastimes with friends has been proven to keep people physically and mentally active; boosting self-esteem and improving overall health and well-being.

Smile Connect offers regular social events hosted by both us and our members, to encourage our community to socialise and enjoy hobbies together.

Smile Connect hosts are also our ambassadors - helping to promote our service to potential users who may benefit from our service. They also play a valuable role in helping to shape the diversity of social events we offer.

We host daytime, social events in accessible, central locations that can be easily travelled to by public transport.

We always try to arrange our events in wheelchair accessible venues.

We do not host events at night, for the safety of our members.



We will not send our users 'spam', otherwise known as 'junk' email.

Smile Connect do not offer a dating service. 



We use large, easy to read fonts and plain coloured backgrounds. We aim to use clear language and refrain from using jargon or internet slang.    Updated November 2019